We have developed quite a following for offering healthy ragdolls with great personalities and show quality good looks. Our Ragdolls have won international championships and titles all over the world. We have been granted the Cattery of Excellence award from the two largest cattery associations, TICA and CFA several years running. All of our Ragdolls come from Champion-bred lines and we have spent a great deal of money securing the healthiest of cats with the best personalities and colors and patterns in order to breed only the best. All of our breeding cats are put through genetics testing for HCM, PKD, blood typing, color and phenotyping. Our wonderful vet tests that every Angel is FIV and FeLV free. We have put a great deal of information into trying to provide as much Ragdoll info as anyone might want on our different web pages. We provide references and what you will need to have on hand for a new kitty. We provide the Ragdoll history and give advice on welcoming a new pet into your home. There are details on the colors and the three patterns on our “All the Patterns” and “All the Colors” pages, which includes pictures and diagrams… Please check out some of our pages. You will be amazed at what you learn! It is difficult with the number of emails and requests we get to know who is ‘dreaming’ about an angel and who is serious about owning one. We give the most attention to those families who have placed a deposit, as we know they will soon have one of our little Angels.

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