We are a family owned and run business and we strive for excellence in everything we do. All of our Ragdoll Kittens are Health tested, any breeder you inquire with should have this testing done. We sell healthy, well trained and certified Kittens online

Our adult Ragdoll are carefully selected for personality, body structure, hair coat, trainability and have been tested to be free of common genetic disorders;

This ensures our offspring inherit good health and longevity. All of our Ragdolls are registered with the Cat Fanciers Association. We have over 15 years experience in breeding cats. We have been breeding the highest quality Cats for 5 generations. We are more than just a breeder; we are trainers, handlers and cat advocates. Our Ragdoll kittens will go home with correct and versatile socialization to the world around them, and will make an easy transition into your homes to become a wonderful forever companion and family member.

Each kitten starts early neurological stimulation at 4 days old, and continues until leaving our home. Five benefits have been observed in cats that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. Here’s what does early neurological stimulation does for your kitten long term:

Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)
Stronger heart beats
Stronger adrenal glands
More tolerance to stress
Greater resistance to disease.

Both experience and research have dominated the beneficial effects that can be achieved via early neurological stimulation, socialization and enrichment experiences. Each has been used to improve performance and to explain the differences that occur between individuals, their train-ability, health and potential. The cumulative effects of the three stages have been well documented. They best serve the interests of owners who seek high levels of performance, when properly used. Each has a cumulative effect and contributes to the development and the potential for individual performance.

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